Our continuous professional development (CPD) training shows teachers how they can apply inquiry-based STEM learning to a range of subjects in a fun, hands-on way.

Curious Minds/ESERO CPD course enables primary school teachers to enhance their skillset and learn how to spark engagement with pupils when it comes to STEM.

We offer a choice of the following workshop topics over three, two-hour workshops.

Workshop 1: Biodiversity or Mighty Materials (choose one topic)

Workshop 2: Insulation and Materials or Gravity and Air Resistance (choose one topic)

Workshop 3: Journey into Space

This CPD guides teachers on how inquiry-based learning methods can be applied to any STEM topic in their classroom to develop the critical thinking skills of their learners.

Register for whole-school Curious Minds CPD:

Curious Minds CPD training aims to empower primary school teachers. Workshop participants can expect:

  • hands-on workshops based around classroom learning
  • to gain access to hundreds of activities and classroom ideas
  • support in effective and engaging science teaching
  • to learn how new science activities link to the school curriculum
  • to gain access to Discover Centres that offer science and maths tours to schools
  • valuable and accredited professional development
  • to confidently apply learnings as part of the Curious Minds Awards

All teachers should apply what they learn from each session and be prepared to report back at later workshops.

Once the training is complete, we'll ask everyone to give feedback. We may also ask teachers to take part in a focus group to help us continuously improve our service.

Schools can register for whole-staff workshops. We need at least 10 teachers to attend these sessions. If your school has fewer than 10 teachers, you can partner with other schools.

Whole-staff workshops can be organised as part of your school’s 'Croke Park' hours.

Training can be done in-person at your school or online via Zoom.

Apply for whole-school CPD training

Teachers can also register themselves for any of the Curious Minds workshops scheduled at Education Centres across Ireland.

CPD Training for Teachers

Teacher and students sit around tables and study a specimen in the middle of the table

Teacher Testimonials

"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops. I learned loads and the workshops increased my confidence to teaching science using inquiry."
"The workshops provided very practical investigations to carry out in the classroom and great ideas on how to engage pupils."
"Excellent series of webinars. This programme really brings STEM to life. The facilitators provide great ideas to make STEM fun in the classroom."
"These workshops have provided an abundance of ideas for exciting lessons and I feel much more confident about teaching Science."
"The children are more confident to figure things out for themselves."