The modern world is dependent upon fossil resources to produce everyday items that we consume. Since these resources are finite and depleting, it is essential to develop alternative technologies based on renewable biological resources. The future economy must use biological resources sustainably to produce valuable goods, such as bioactive molecules, chemical building blocks, plastics, fuels, and energy. This future economic activity is referred to as the bioeconomy.   In Ireland, the agri-food and marine sectors produce high volumes of residues during food production. The conversion of these residues to higher value products will create new business opportunities. New value chains will allow these industries to diversify and add value to the sector, increase resource efficiency and complementing food production activities. 80% of agri-food companies are in rural Ireland; thus, the bioeconomy will be a key driver to stimulate rural and agricultural redevelopment. BiOrbic addresses multiple scientific, technological and social challenges to convert this vision into reality.  

Lead Institution  

University College Dublin


Prof Kevin O’Connor, University College Dublin, is shaping the European Bioeconomy Strategy through his chairmanship of the Scientific Committee for the €3.7bn PPP (Bio Based Industries). He has been at the forefront of national developments and was instrumental in securing EU Model Demonstrator Region (MDR) status for the Southeast, drawing together stakeholders from industry, academia and policy-makers from Tipperary County Council. He is a champion for the step-change a bioeconomy can deliver to the Irish economy and society.  He is a PI on EU projects researching synthetic biology (P4SB) and bio-based products (SYNPOL). Consequently, he is very strongly networked with leading industries, academic institutions and policy makers in the bioeconomy.  He is the recipient of Nova UCD Innovation award 2016.   

  • Prof Eoin Casey, University College Dublin
  • Prof Nicholas Holden, University College Dublin
  • Prof Torres Sweeney, University College Dublin
  • Prof Pat Guiry, University College Dublin
  • Prof John O’Doherty, University College Dublin
  • Prof Iouri Gun’ko, Trinity College Dublin